“What’s that in your hand”

Exodus 4:2 So the Lord said to him,”what is that in your hand?” He said, “A rod.”

Why would God ask Moses a question to something He Himself already knew? God was asking simply because He knew that Moses wasn’t aware of what he had. So many people of God don’t know what they have in their hands, the very thing that appears so insignificant to them (a rod), could be the very thing that God uses through you to deliver your family, your community, or even your nation. See it’s only when we throw it down at the feet of God, and take our hands off of it that it becomes ( the rod of God ), over 5,000 were fed when the little exchanged hands. Hallelujah! Maybe that old family recipe, God says what’s that in your hand? All your financial struggles could be over if you drop your understanding of what it’s for, not only to feed the family, but to deliver the family. Glory to God!! Give your rod to God, throw it down, and when He tells you to pick it back up, grab it by the tail and walk with it and tell Pharoah ( the devil ), to let my people go. We will not be defeated nor destroyed any longer. My family recipe that only fed my family, and maybe a few of my relatives on special occasions will now feed many, because now it belongs to God. Whatever your rod is, that thing that seems insignificant, but to be truthful with yourself, you do it well… and so many others have told you so. Quit being scared of Pharoah, not just Pharoah but the fear of rejection from your own people, ” they not going to buy it, they not going to like it.” You just drop it and leave the rest to God. Hallelujah. -Apostle Earnest Jordan-


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